Monday, June 30, 2008

Using Sliding Doors for Patio Enclosure

Do you want to enclose your open patio under an existing roof? Do you want to have maximum amount of glass? Consider to do it with sliding glass doors. In some cases we use standard, “of the shelf” doors. However, for best result we recommend to use custom doors and custom windows. Just remember that all open patios have a sloped concrete floor at a ground level. It is important to have a level concrete floor and at list 3’ to 4’ above the ground level for any patio enclosure or sunroom. To achieve a level floor at the proper height we pour new concrete over the existing concrete floor. This type of design and construction can be used for room additions, patio enclosures and sunrooms. Each type can be cooled or heated efficiently as long as we use high quality of insulated glass and size up the air conditioning and heating unit properly.
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Vinay said...

I really like the way these
enclosures look, you can't
really tell that it was not
part of the home before.

Great information on what
you have to do with the
concrete floor!


tnorris said...

Quick, easy, and you still have the view.

John B. said...

all I need to say is.....patio FTW!!!
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