Sunday, June 22, 2008

Convert Open Patio into Sunroom

You can convert your existing patio, with roof or without, into a beautiful sunroom enclosure. There are basically two types of sunroom enclosures to consider. The modular type which is a factory made sections that will be fitted and installed at the job location. The second type is a custom built that offers almost unlimited option in design, materials and finishing. Both cost just about the same and in some cases the custom built might cost less.
So how would you know what type to have? One way is to check this Blog often and read my future articles about enclosures and sunrooms. I am going to display photos of actual sunroom enclosures with related comments.
The final decision of the type of enclosure might be made by your HOA. Several of the new communities in the Phoenix Valley will not allow any of the modular sunroom enclosure and will only approve a custom built enclosure that will look like the house. Not only the same exterior colors but also the same exterior finishing.
I will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding patio enclosures, patio roof covers and sunrooms. Write to:
To see many photos of enclosures, sunrooms and patio roof covers go to:


yoyo said...

we think your blog is very informative and helpful.

Allan said...

That's a good post Avi. Very informative. Perhaps you can talk about what to watch out for, when someone is quoting you on Sunrooms. That is, a consumer like myself is in the blind as far as where added costs sneak into the picture.

Matthew said...

Avi has been nothing but a professional every time I have worked with him!
Landscape Designer

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