Friday, June 27, 2008

How Much glass should a Sunroom have?

By definition a sunroom is a room with mostly glass walls and some times with glass roof. How can we determine how much of glass in the walls and should you consider a glass roof? The answer depends on some factors that need to be examining carefully.
Geographical Location and climate conditions. Most sunrooms in the North and Northeast have glass roof and almost 100% of glass walls. In such a cold climate the sunroom will allow a solar heat gain. However, in the South and southwest we try to reduce the heat gain by reducing the glass area and by providing some shading.
View consideration: In hot climates, glass walls or glass roof are used only to take advantage of the view. No reason to install glass and increase heat gain, in areas with no special view. In cold climates you want to have glass for heat gain even if view is not important. Just remember, more glass will result in more heat gain and less glass will result in less heat gain.
Heating and Cooling: We install many sunrooms in the Phoenix Valley, known as the “Valley of the Sun” where view is the number one consideration for having a sunroom. Properly designed with proper orientation and shading can have a sunroom that is comfortable livable even in the hot Arizona summers with temperatures above 100. It is important to size up the heating and cooling system correctly by paying attention to the heat loss and gain calculations. In wall cooling unit is effective in small patio enclosures and sunrooms. However, heat pump unit should be used in large patio enclosures and in most sunrooms that have a lot of glass.
Conclusion: talk to experienced patio enclosures and sunrooms professional or send me e-mail with your questions.


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